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By: Tony Falzano
Monday, November 9, 2015

Looking for something different for the holidays? Do you need a gift to soothe your grief? Tony Falzano, writer, songwriter and grief specialist, shares information about how music can help those who are grieving and provides insight to a new website that distributes healing music, music for meditation and relaxation.

by Tony Falzano

Believe it or not, the holidays are almost here. Very shortly, some of us will prepare a list of things so we can get ready for the season. It may look like this…

Christmas cards?


Hanukkah candles?


Gifts for children, spouse and parent?

Check, check, check!

Though Hanukkah and Christmas are joyous occasions for most, they can be very anxious, trying times if you are spending your first (or another) holiday without a special loved one. Saddened with loss, you may struggle to participate in the season’s festivities. One way that can help you through this period, or any period for that matter, is music. Like others have done, you can purchase a brand new music CD with the specific intent of listening to it when the season gets too crazy or you are not feeling well. Since music is an important part of the holiday rituals, you can let it be a companion to lift your spirits. Listening to a special CD that offers you comfort, inspiration and motivation when you need it, is truly holiday healing.

The advantage to purchasing a new product as opposed to listening to one you already own is that the music will be unfamiliar to you and thus there won’t exist any personal associations with it. You will be cultivating a new friendship. And the music you buy can be anything you like. There is no ‘right music’. The only criteria is that the music brings pleasure and offers relief when you listen to it.

Music can also be a wonderful gift for someone else: someone who possibly is experiencing grief due to the same loss as you. If there is no ‘check’ next to their name this holiday, why not purchase a music CD for them? Giving the gift of music to a person in need of healing is a sensitive, thoughtful act of compassion. It expresses your genuine concern for the individual and your relationship. It can also be a bond during this life-changing event for you both.

Besides popular artists, there is music specifically for those grieving loss.  Healing music comes in a palette of colorful sounds; everything from vocal selections to recordings that feature a solo instrument such as guitar or piano to albums containing the instruments of the orchestra. 

Healing music can relax the mind and slow down the body. The result can be reduced muscle tension, anxiety and stress. It can even ease depression and assist in sleeping. Music can be an important ally to help those suffering with grief, particularly at the holidays.

Regarding purchasing music, I often tell people about a website called, CD Baby. It is the largest on line distributor of music by independent musicians in the world. These are talented musicians with quality recordings. To get to their site, just Google: No matter what type of music you like, CD Baby will carry it. If you are looking for healing music, click on GENRES on the front page of the website. Select New Age and you’ll then find sub-categories that include ambient, healing, meditation, relaxation and spiritual. Choose one that interests you and peruse the CDs. Click on any album and you can read about it, view the cover art and listen to samples. You’ll also find information explaining what the music is intended for and reviews by previous purchasers of the album. If interested, you can purchase the album right there on that page. CD Baby makes it very convenient to shop for good music.

If you are grieving a loss this holiday, I hope you will remember what you have instinctively known your whole life: music is indispensable. We keep turning to it for an emotional experience, which often leads us to feel better. Music makes any occasion lighter and brighter. During this difficult time, give yourself some holiday healing; give yourself some music!

Tony Falzano

Tony Falzano is an author, college professor and an award winning songwriter who speaks on the enormous health benefits that music has to offer. His articles on the power in music to heal can be found in all the major grief magazines and websites.

In addition, Tony has just released his new music CD, "Just a Touch Away". Along with his first album, "In Abba’s Arms", his music has reached the souls of many grieving a loss. Both CDs contain beautifully orchestrated, instrumental music designed to be a companion to those searching for healing and hope.

"Just a Touch Away" and “In Abba’s Arms" are available through


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