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Understanding Cremation Options


(Available in packages of 25 for $13.75)

This brochure was created because most people do not realize that cremation is just another way to take care of the physical remains of a person who has died. It explains the differences between burial and cremation as well as what can be done to celebrate the life of the person who has died. The brochure provides ideas for the funeral ceremony or a memorial ceremony. In addition to explaining the options for final disposition of the body, the reader will learn options available to them for honoring the life and what can be done with cremated remains if cremation is chosen.

This brochure is perfect in the arrangement conference to explain options to families when cremation is chosen. It is also a good tool for the pre-arrangement conference to help families decide between cremation and burial and what they want to do with regard to the funeral. It is an excellent handout at lectures about cremation and funeral services.