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Pet Loss Issues


(Available in packages of 25 for $13.75)

The death of a pet is not a loss that is recognized by most of the general public. Pets today have become integrated members of the family especially for people who do not have children and for seniors. Pets are used in clinical settings to help children and seniors and there are immense feelings of loss and pain when the pet dies. This brochure gives the reader permission to feel the pain of grief from the death of a pet as something that is natural and normal. It also gives the reader helpful tips for coping and creating memorials to honor their pets.

This brochure is a wonderful marketing tool. It can be given to Veterinary Offices as a way to network with them and to help people in the community know of your compassion and caring. It is a good handout at health fairs as well as a good tool to use when presenting a program about grief and loss in elementary school settings.