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Sherry L. White, editor and contributing writer

Hopeful Transitions E-Magazine™ includes many articles offering practical information, education and support for people trying to cope with a loss in their life. Articles focus on how grief makes a person feel, coping strategies for overcoming grief and anecdotes and experiences of those who have traveled the journey through grief.  It is also a very good resource for professionals trained to help others cope and recover from grief and loss. New Leaf Resources is committed to Hopeful Transitions E-Magazine™ being the most comprehensive and insightful resource available to those mourning a loss of any kind.

The articles in Hopeful Transitions E-Magazine™ are written by a number of contributing writers who are experts in helping people cope and recover from grief and loss as well as people who have walked the grief journey themselves. While grief is a natural response to any kind of loss, Hopeful Transitions E-Magazine™ is traditionally aimed at those mourning the death of a loved one.  These readers are typically adults looking for practical help in their grief. However, these articles are also a great resource for individuals such as counselors, funeral directors, clergy, hospice volunteers, etc. in their attempts to understand and support another in grief. Magazine Articles from Hopeful Transitions E-Magazine™ also reaches people who have experienced other forms of loss such as, but not limited to, divorce, job loss and miscarriage.


Saying the Name, Sharing the Memories
Understand Your Feelings Beyond Tomorrow

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