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Beyond Goodbye


Written by Sherry Williams-White and Suzanne Howell

An easy-to-read booklet about understanding what grief feels like and how to embrace it. Readers will learn what is normal about grief and how to cope with the variety of emotional and physical reactions that accompany grief.

In its extended format, Beyond Goodbye includes a special section for people who use faith to help them cope. It also includes information for coping based on the circumstances of the death and the relationship the survivor had to the person who died.

"Families have expressed their sincere appreciation to us for giving them Beyond Goodbye...it has helped them work through their grieving process."

Margie Hilgenfeld Field - Hilgenfeld Mortuary (Anaheim, CA)

"An absolutely necessary booklet for grieving people to read...it will help many people cope with their loss," said Bryson Price - Price Funeral Home (Lewisburg, KY) and

Past President, Funeral Directors Association of Kentucky.

"An easy read for anyone who has difficulty concentrating due to the loss of a loved one," said Dennis Robb - Kelley-Robb Funeral Home (Hubbard, OH).

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